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Octopus Energy

Love and Power Tote Bag

Love and Power Tote Bag

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Where better to hold all your planet-saving essentials than one of our brand new tote bags.

Spread the Love (and Power) - we can't wait to see you sporting them out in the wild! 

This tote is team effort with the gorgeous people of Rapanui, who make shirts in organic cotton on-demand from their site on the Isle of Wight. No mass production here: only making what people actually need, when they need it.

Product Specification

Organic Cotton Tote Bag. Twill Weave (170gsm). 37 x 42 cm (7cm gusset.) Made in India / Designed on the Isle of Wight. Wash Cool, Hang Dry.

Why are we charging £18? We always like to be transparent so here's the maths:

£10 (Tote & on-demand printing) + £4 (postage) + £1 (charity donation) +  £3 (Vat) = £18

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